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Editor(s): Sarah, Ethan, Alex

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April 13, 2007

See [DataIntegration: RFC 39]


Enhance Cytoscape’s data connectivity by putting together a basic API for a web service multiple groups implement as a test case for further development into web service/database connectivity for Cytoscape.

This case will deal with an id mapping/translation service.

Biological Questions / Use Cases

General Notes


Deferred Items

Open Issues

Backward Compatibility

Expected growth and plan for growth


ISB’s Current ID Service:

Note that while it is implemented in SOAP, we get REST along with it. Any of the described methods can be called.

ISB prototype UDDI/id mapping plugin. Our endpoints are behind a firewall, but at least it's some example type code (very alpha)




Services to look at for reference points:

Bader Lab's ID Mapping Use Cases and References

Implementation Plan

  1. Alex & Sarah will work together towards a common web service api for id mapping

  2. Implement a discovery/use plugin prototype


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