Melissa writes:

Looks great - here are two additional points.

First, one thing that's useful but cumbersome with the current VizMapUI is mapping a continuous attribute into a discrete range. One example is setting node shapes according to expression P value. The input variable is continuous, but it falls into ranges within which there is discrete meaning (i.e. significant, not significant).

Second, there's the thing that's impossible with the current vizmapper UI, which is setting visual properties according to a combination of attributes (e.g. high expression value AND significant p value).

- Melissa

Allan writes:

I like the idea of something like the Mac finder column paradigm. It reduces the orientation problem that you get with large trees under JTree. Is there Swing support for this kind of user interface element?

Also, I seem to remember that you used to be able to display JTrees as a set of concentric boxes, with children embedded in parents. But I can't seem to locate any information about that right now. Perhaps the feature was done away with (which might tell us something about the perceived utilizy of such a feature...).


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