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Between former releases the performance of Cytoscape was an issue when a different graphical engine was implemented. To avoid problems like that a structured way of preferably internal automated profiling tools should be available to both (plugin)developers and testers Two distinct reasons for profiling:

1: Guarantee that performance and memory footprint won't deteriorate resp. increase in newer versions

2: Detecting design problems and thereby improving performance and/or memory usage

This leads to two distinct ways of implementing performance profiling

1: Provide an Ant test-gui like task that runs former (which?) version of cytoscape versus the current version and guarantees that certain User Scenarios are performed at least as fast, and with at least the same memory footprint, and below certain pre-determined reasonable tresholds. As a starting point the current implementation of ScooterMorris can be used, extended with some memory analysis.

2:Assign a profiling role to one or two developers. Using a standard open source profiling tool(eclipse TPTP, EJP, Profile4J) they profile Cytoscape performance on a regular (weekly) basis keeping an eye on extensive object creation, long delay in methods etc. Developers concerned will be notified.

Biological Questions / Use Cases

* Load large network

* Apply spring embedded layout

* Save/Load session

General Notes


Deferred Items

Open Issues

Backward Compatibility


Implementation Plan

1: To maintain application efficiency

2: To detect design problems

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