Piet Molenaar

Currently I'm working on the following rfc's


With: Tero Due: 2.5

Performance Profiling

With: ... (I'll take Scooters existing tools as a starting point...) Due: Ongoing

Undo Manager

With: Peng Due: Ongoing

I will follow the following schedule:

  1. contact both the assigned and involved developers
  2. create rfc's for each subject
  3. define use cases in the rfc
  4. have them reviewed
  5. based on use case; propose software design in the rfc (on separate page)
  6. have this reviewed
  7. plan, assign tasks
  8. create project in svn; coding in short-cycled internal releases

Status: 1 is in progress... ;-)

Email: <p.molenaar AT SPAMFREE amc DOT uva DOT nl>

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