Mini-Retreat One

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Goal is to discuss these core layers and target an API for this core to allow more rapid, distributed porting and development

Minimal set of core layers to focus on:


public interface CyDataTable {

         * A public CyDataTable is a table that is accessible to the user
         * through the user interface.  Private or non-public CyDataTables will
         * not be visible to the user from the normal user interface, although
         * they will be accessible to plugin writers through the API.
         * @return Whether or not this CyDataTable should be publicly accessible.
        public boolean isPublic();

         * @return The session unique identifier.
        public long getSUID();

         * @return A human readable name for the CyDataTable.
        public String getTitle();

         * @param title The human readable title for the CyDataTable
         * suitable for use in a user interface.
        public void setTitle(String title);

         * The keySet of this map defines all columns in the CyDataTable and the
         * the values of this map define the types of the columns.
         * @return A map of column names to the {@link Class} objects that defines
         * the column type.
        public Map<String,Class<?>> getColumnTypeMap();

         * @param columnName The name identifying the attribute.
        public void deleteColumn(String columnName);

         * @param columnName The name identifying the column.
         * @param type The type associated with the column. 
         * @param unique Whether the entries in the column are unique. 
        public <T> void createColumn(String columnName, Class<? extends T> type, boolean unique); 

         * Unique columns can be used to map the values from one CyDataTable to another.
         * @return A list of column names where the values within the column are
         * guaranteed to be unique. 
        public List<String> getUniqueColumns();

         * @param columnName The name identifying the column to return.
         * @param type The type of the column to return.
         * @return The list of values of type T that exist in the column specified by
         * the columnName.
        public <T> List<? extends T> getColumnValues(String columnName, Class<? extends T> type);

         * @param primaryKey The primary key index of the row to return.
         * @return The {@link CyRow} identified by the specified index.
        public CyRow getRow(long primaryKey);

         * @return A new {@link CyRow} object for this CyDataTable. 
        public CyRow addRow();

         * By default all {@link CyRow}s created have a primary key column of
         * type {@link Integer} that gets created at initialization which is
         * identified by this string.
         * If the CyDataTable is created and immediately bound to a {@link CyNetwork}
         * then the primary key attribute is populated with the SUID of the 
         * {@link GraphObject}.
        public static final String PRIMARY_KEY = "AID";

CyDataTable Data Types and Serialization Proposal


Tackled CyGroups: Selection/Filters/NamedSelection(Groups)


ViewModel / Presentation Requirements

Plans and Decisions

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