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Automate Cytoscape 3 Development with Maven


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Cytoscape 3 Plugin Archetype


Develop Your Own Archetype

Creating Maven archetypes for your group is a good way to save your time because once you create a new archetype and share it, you do not have to repeat the same process to develop a same type of projects.


  1. Create Maven project by mvn archetype:generate

  2. If you use Eclipse, use mvn eclipse:eclipse to generate Eclipse project files

  3. Edit contents
  4. Install it to your local repository by mvn install

  5. Update local repository by mvn archetype:update-local-catalog

  6. Now you can use the archetype by mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeCatalog=local

  7. If necessary, you can deploy the archetype and publish it to the world


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