Cytoscape 3 Hackathon



Tasks to Tackle

People should add their plugins/core plugins that they are most interested in porting. We also need to define teams (pairs or tuples) of people to work together (Extreme style) on these projects. Ideally, each team will have a maven/spring/osgi/3.0 guru.


Before the Hackathon, please setup your development environment for OSGi/Maven projects:





Thur 29

Conference Rooms A & B on the ground floor of Gladstone. Video conferencing systems available for the morning session. Connection details coming...

Fri 30

Conference Rooms C & D

Pre-meeting Questions & Comments

Discussion Notes


I need a head count to help organize the event. Please contact Alex if you're are coming or might be coming. Please add your name below, including your approximate arrival and departure times.


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