This is the list of events that we came up with during the second mini-retreat.

All events we plan to include as part of the 3.0 API for the layers mentioned should be included here.

(Note that events might be 'pluralized', but that decision has not been made, and minor changes might be made, but there is a general consensus that this is the list of events we will have)

The stand-alone desktop cytosape 3.0 app will, of course have many more types of events. These are just the ones that are part of the core API

Model Events

View Model Events

(again, for both Networks and CyDataTables)

Since instead of seperate NodeView, EdgeView, etc. classes, we use a single, generic View<T> class, the following events are generic as well, and apply for Node,Edge, and CyDataTable elements as well:

VizMap Events

Presentation Events

NOTE: Many of these are not presentation events, per se. They should be thought of as user actions. For some, the suggested way that the UI will allow the user to trigger the event is also mentioned.

Which of these are handled by the Application and Presentation?

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