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1. Start Cytoscape
2. Import a network file (eg. galFiltered.sif)
3. Click on File from the toolbar


Select New → Network → Empty Network

A new empty network canvas should appear called Network and it should appear in the list under the Networks tab in the control panel


1. Hold shift and click on 5 nodes near each other
2. Select File → New → Network → From selected nodes, all edges

A new network canvas, with the selected nodes and all the edges that connect them, should be created


1. Drag and select several nodes and edges
2. Select New → Network → From selected nodes, all edges

A new network canvas with only selected nodes and edges should be created


Select File → New → Session, click Yes when the caution box appears

A new session should be started with a clear canvas and no networks


Select Open and choose the galFiltered.cys session file from the sampleData directory

A session file with the galFiltered.gml network imported should be displayed


Click Save

Cytoscape should save your progress to the current session file (galFiltered.cys)


1. Click Save As… and type “galFiltered1.cys” into the text field
2. Click Save

Cytoscape should create a new .cys file with the name entered in the specified directory


Select Print and choose the appropriate printer and desired settings and then click print

A print out of the currently selected network should be produced


1. Select Quit and click Yes, save and quit
2. Start Cytoscape and load the .cys file

The .cys should contain the latest version of the test session with all the changes saved before quitting

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