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1. Start Cytoscape
2. File → Import network from Table (eg. SampleHumanNetwork.xlsx)


1.Before pressing Import, select the Show Text File Import Options (under the Advanced heading)
2. Ensure that the preview options are working by changing the radio button to Show First and then enter 5 entries
3. Press the refresh preview button

The preview box should reflect the changes made to the Preview Options and should now show only the first 5 entries in the file


1. Repeat step 1 from TI1
2. Click on the Transfer first line as attribute names check box

The bolded cells at the top of each column that were labeled Column 1, Column 2 etc should now contain the contents of the 1st row of the table (eg. Gene, Interaction)


1. In the Interaction Definition box select column 1 from the drop down menu for Source Interaction and select Column three from the menu for Target Interaction
2. Click Import taking note of the contents of the Default interaction field
3. Select the newly created network from the network tab and click the Edge Attribute Browser
4. Select an edge

Every edge selected should display the Default interaction type between the two nodes (eg. pp). Repeat steps 1-4, but change the Default interaction (eg. cc)


1. Repeat step 1 from TI1 bit do not designate a file to upload yet
2. Click the Show all entries radio button under Preview Options
3. Select a file to upload

This should work normally, but if the known bug is still present a message appears: File is broken or empty!


1. In the Interaction definition box select column 1 from the drop down menu for Source Interaction
2. Repeat step 1 from TI1

A graph containing only the genes listed in the Source Interaction column should appear (with no edges)

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