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Date Executed


1. Start Cytoscape
2. Import a network file (eg. galFiltered.sif)


Enter text into the search field on the Tool bar and press Enter

If the search term is found it should be highlighted and zoomed the view panel should zoom in


With text in the search field click on the triangle tab at the end of the field

A list of similar terms to the text entered in the search field should appear


Enter irrelevant text into the search field

The field should be highlighted red and the drop down menu should display the search term followed by 0 hits


Select the Configure search options and then click cancel

The dialog box should disappear and settings should remain the same


1. Select the Configure search options, then click on the Node or Edge radio buttons and change the Selected attribute and click Apply
2. Enter text appropriate for the new search parameters

The search configuration box should disappear and the drop down menu should contain the corresponding style of suggestions to the search parameters. The term entered should highlight the object in the graph

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