Using Pax-Construct from Eclipse


Pax-Construct is a usuful tool for OSGi-based system development and it is available as a Maven plugin. You can use most of its features from Eclipse once you install m2eclipse plugin.

How to use


You need to install m2eclipse plugin to run PAX commands.

Execute Pax Goals


Instead of running Cytoscape 3 on Equinox, you can use pax:provision goal to run Cytoscape 3 on Apache Felix.

  1. From Run menu, select Run Configurations...

  2. Select Maven Build and create new configuration.

  3. Set base directory to core.

  4. Select following goals, in order:
    • clean
    • install
    • pax:provision


    Any combination of the goals should work. The example here is equivalent to type the following command in the treminal:
    mvn clean install pax:provision
  5. Apply and Run


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