RFC Name : DataProvenance

Editor(s): ScooterMorris

Date: 11/20/2008

Status: Draft

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Include support for Data Provenance in Cytoscape 3.0


In early discussions of Cytoscape 3.0, we talked about the need to support the idea of Data Provenance. At the time, the focus was on something called a CyProject, which would gather all of the files and intermediate stages along with the experimenter's comments and annotation about what was done. In the recent discussions about Data Provenance, it was discussed that we might be able to use lower-level mechanisms.

Use Cases

The major use case is to be able to record what was done to create a result. In this case, the idea is that the user reads in several files, performs various analysis, applies various visualizations, interacts with web services, etc., etc., and in the end, they have a network that elucidates some scientific result they want to publish. Now, during the review cycle, or for future work, or as part of a collaboration, they want to be able to recapitulate what was done. Generally not as an automated process (although that could be useful also), but as a reminder of how they got this network.

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