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A user wants to describe interactions of a protein, binding site by binding site.

Step-by-Step User Action

  1. User specifies a protein to be described in more detail
  2. User specifies the number of binding sites to be included
  3. User specifies the name of each binding site
  4. User then uses each binding site in subsequent reactions

Visual Aides

Binding sites are indicated with the binding site label sticking out perpendicularly from the protein. An example follows:


A binding site may also be used in combination with the specification of ../ProteinDomains:


Requirements for Cytoscape



This is a moderately important feature of the notation.

Other Examples


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BioPax representation TBD

GaryBader 2006-12-26 12:28:20

Similar to sub-gene use case for Group API

AllanKuchinsky 2007-01-22 05:11:24

case of binding site label sticking out perpendicularly from the protein can be handled with Custom Node Graphic

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