Advanced Network Merge plugin V1.12

Skipping merging improper attributes.

Advanced Network Merge plugin V1.10

ID mapping code was refactored by CyThesaurus ID mapping service.

Advanced Network Merge plugin V1.05

Fixed a bug when merging String attribute with list attribute.

Advanced Network Merge plugin V1.03 & V1.04

The cancel button in the task monitor was enabled. The progress of merging was provided to the user.

Advanced Network Merge plugin V1.02

The difference operation was changed. Only two networks are allowed for the operation. The user can reorder the selected network for difference operation.

Advanced Network Merge plugin V1.01

This plugin was moved from category "Core" to category "Other", since it did not work well in "Core" due to the plugin manager's handling mechanism for Core plugins.

Advanced Network Merge plugin V1.0

This plugin enhanced the original Network Merge plugin by supporting network merge (set operation: union/intersection/difference) based on node/edge attributes (instead of identifiers only). In this plugin, ID mapping can also be utilized for merging networks. In V1.0, tab-delimited-file-based ID mapping was supported. Some simple attribute conflict handlers were also implemented in this version. Using this plugin, networks from different sources with different ID types can be merged together.

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