Use Case Name : Named List of Genes

For Feature : Groups

Editors: Alex Pico

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Sometimes you want to be able to annotate a group of genes without being reflected in the view in any way, but rather just assigning a name to the group for reference or maybe selection (and subsequent attribute browsing, moving, new network or for a plugin, etc).

Step-by-Step User Action

Manual Selection

  1. Select two or more nodes
  2. Choose "form named group" from context menu
  3. Add the newly named group to panel (CytoPanel_1: Groups?)

  4. Allow selection of group via panel
  5. Allow renaming the group and destroying the group

Attribute-based Selection

  1. Menu option: "Group by attribute"
  2. Select Attribute and value (or multiple values, including all values)
  3. Add newly formed group(s) to panel (CytoPanel_1: Groups?)

  4. Same as 4 and 5 above

Visual Aides


In this application you can group objects to make future selections easier and to apply functions to all children of the group :)

Requirements for Cytoscape


This one seems low priority to me. I think this function will overlap with other more complex grouping use cases and won't require special attention. IOW, we'll get this functionality for free in the implementation of the other more specific use cases.

Other Examples


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