Automatic Visual Legend Generator

Automatic visual legend generator is a function to create Visual Legends (VL, see the picture above) automatically from Visual Styles. Currently users should create VL manually, and it is a time-consuming process. Purpose of this function is automate the process.

VL will be exported as vector graphics (i.e., SVG, PDF, PS). VL table should support the following:

To generate the VL, Wizard style GUI will be used to select which features will be included in the VL.


Basic class is already available (supporting color only). We need to integrate this to Visual Style GUI. Also, we need to implement Edge color and stroke support.

Discussion: Gary - July.14 - would this be integrated into the view directly or would it be in a separate window or CytoPanel? If in a separate window, it would be nice to allow the user to save the legend as PS, PDF, PNG, etc. (same options we have in the export menu). If it is in the view directly, how would it be implemented so it doesn't interfere with the network itself?

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