1. Login - Before editing pages in the Cytoscape Wiki, you should login by clicking the "Login" link near the top center of the page (if you have not yet registered, the Login page will allow you to do so). Use your real name as your login name if you want people to know what contributions you made to the wiki. Anonymous edits have been disabled to prevent spam.
  2. If you are unfamiliar with wiki formatting, a good place to start is the WikiCourse tutorial. Another useful reference is HelpContents, an index page for tips on editing wikis.

  3. Copy Others – If you don’t know how to get a page to look how you want it, open a new window and check out how others have done it using the Edit link. Also, the wiki is more user-friendly if it is internally consistent, so follow page naming conventions whenever possible.
  4. Use RSS – An excellent way to keep track of changes to the wiki is via the RSS feed. Simply subscribe to the feed with your favorite RSS reader, e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird, and you’ll receive a notification anytime someone modifies the wiki.

Please feel free to add additional tips to the list.

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