How to set up Netbeans to develop Cytoscape plugins

Fred Eisele (FredEisele)

August 2007


This document is an introduction on how to set up Netbeans to develop Cytoscape plugins. It is assumed that you have Netbeans installed and running.

Setting up a project

Cytoscape needs to know that your plugin exists

Netbeans takes care of including the plugin library in the class path but it does not notify Cytoscape of its existance. This can be done in one of two ways. The preferred way is to "install" the plugin. This has the added benefit of making it possible to uninstall and reinstall without restarting Cytoscape.

The easiest way to cause Cytoscape to recognize the plugin is to place a "dummy" jar file in one of the plugin directories. All that is needed is a jar file containing a class with a default constructor. This is not executed at runtime as the actual libraries will be found first.

You can find help at the Developer_Homepage and Cytoscape_Plugin_Tutorial.

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