How to set up Eclipse to develop Cytoscape plugins (draft)

Márcio Rosa da Silva (MarcioSilva)

June 2005

Warning: This page and all Cytoscape 2.x plugins are now out of support. Please see the developer page for Cytoscape 3.x apps.


This document is an introduction on how to set up Eclipse to develop Cytoscape plugins. It is assumed that you have Eclipse installed and running.

Creating the project

Running the plugin

Note: Before running the plugin for the first time, you may need to put a .jar of the plugin in some place Cytoscape will search for plugins (e.g. the plugins/ folder inside the Cytoscape installarion folder). Otherwise, Cytoscape will not find your plugin. You don't need to generate the .jar for every run, only the first time. Cytoscape only needs to know your plugin is there, but the actual code will be run from the files in your Eclipse project.

Category: EclipseAndCytoscapeDevelopment

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