Refactored Menu

The following is a tentative plan for the new menu bar.


Since the basic file format for 2.3 and later is Session (.cys), we the save and load functions are now called import/export.

File menu for enabling editing?



CytoPanels menu item is implemented as a submenu of this. Maybe renamed something like Desktop, since menu items under this section manage layout/states of the panels on the Cytoscape desktop.


Basically filter is doing selection. So it should be under this menu item.


Formerly called Layout and Visualization.


List of loaded plugins will be displayed here. Same as 2.2.

  • COMMENT from GaryBader: We should note in the documentation that not all loaded plugins are shown here - many, like yFiles, are inserted into other menus. If we document things like this and also which menu items we expect plugins to add options to (e.g. import/export, layout) and which ones are not recommended, then it will be easier for plugin writers to make proper decisions about where to place their menu options and we will prevent messy menus in the future. This document could evolve to serve this task.


Basically, this is same as 2.2.

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