RFC Name : Update the Plugin Website

Editor(s): Mike Smoot

Date: 2/16/2010

Status: init


The plugin website is getting a bit large and unwieldy. We'd like to redesign the website to make it more usable. Most ideas revolve around expanding our current use of categories into something like tags or keywords. The goal is to allow finer grained display of plugins on the website.


The current design is fine for 20-30 plugins, but with close to 100, it becomes very difficult to digest all of the information present.

Use Cases

Implementation Plan

Things we'll need to do:

Project Management

Project Dependencies

While seemingly just a webpage issue, this involves quite a bit of code. Since we'll need to touch so much code for this change, it might be worth thinking about how we could improve the design so that future changes don't require quite so many touches.



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