RFC Name : Migrating the user manual to the wiki

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About this document

This is an official Request for Comment (RFC) for migrating the user manual to the wiki.

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How to Comment

To view/add comments, add them directly under the appropriate section. By adding your ideas to the Wiki directly, we can more easily organize everyone's ideas, and keep clear records. Be sure to include today's date and your name for each comment.

Try to keep your comments as concrete and constructive as possible. For example, if you find a part of the RFC makes no sense, please say so, but don't stop there. Take the extra step and propose alternatives.


Currently the user manual is stored as a master Microsoft Word document in CVS. This is the main document edited and is converted automatically to PDF for the distribution and mostly manually to HTML to the online help (JavaHelp format) available from within Cytoscape. The problem with this is that it takes a long time to update the HTML and is not very flexible - for instance, we can't automate it as part of the build process.

The proposal is to move the master user manual document to the wiki and write some scripts to convert from the wiki initially only to PDF and JavaHelp HTML.

General Notes

Open Issues

Implementation Plan

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