Visual Property Discussion


How Looking Up Visual Properties Currently Works

VisualProperties can vary from one RenderingEngine implementation to another. In order to access a particular property you need to look it up in a VisualLexicon. The lookup key is a file format-specific name. For example, in GML, the "type" graphics attribute is mapped to the NODE_SHAPE visual property:


Specific issues

Potential solution

Since each visual property already has an id, it would make sense to expose these ids as API through some kind of controlled vocabulary. That way, different RenderingEngines can support conceptually-identical VisualProperties in a uniform way. It would then be the responsibility of CyNetworkViewReader/Writers to map their format-specific visual property ids to the controlled vocabulary.


How Parsing/Serializing Visual Property Values Currently Works

Instances of VisualProperties are used to serialize and parse property values to and from strings. The implementation of these parsers is the responsibility of RenderingEngine providers.



Specific Issues

  1. [UC1,UC2] Very awkward to serialize visual properties for formats other than XGMML.

    • Currently, we need to map between XGMML attribute strings and the target format's strings (e.g. GML).
  2. [UC3] Visual properties of inaccessible types (e.g. org.cytoscape.ding.NodeShape) are awkward to set programmatically.

    • Currently, you need to use a VisualProperty instance to construct a NodeShape instance by parsing the serialized form of the desired shape.

  3. [UC4] Visual properties of inaccessible types (e.g. org.cytoscape.ding.NodeShape) are awkward to use with discrete mappers programmatically.





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