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1. Start Cytoscape
2. Import the galFiltered.sif network file
3. Select some nodes
4. Create 2 floating point attributes, e.g. f1 and f2


1. Click on a browser cell
2. Enter some simple expressions, e.g. =ABS(SIN(-12.3)+22)
3. Press Return/Enter

The cell should display the result of the evaluated expression


1. Enter a numeric value in the column for f1
2. Create an equation on the same row/node for f2 referencing f1, e.g. =$f1 + 10.5
3. Press Return/Enter

The cell should display the result of the evaluated expression


1. Create a new floating point attribute called size
2. Enter the equation =SQRT(INDEGREE($ID)+OUTDEGREE($ID)+0.5)*40 into it
3. Go to the VisMapper and map the size attribute to the node size using a pass-through mapping

The node should now display a size approximately proportional to their degree


1. Click on a browser cell
2. Enter an invalid expression like =SIN(4))
3. Press Return/Enter

An error message dailog should pop up and after clicking Ok on the dialog, the cell should display the message #PARSE


1. Click on a browser cell
2. Enter a well-formed expression but with invalid values, like =LOG(-1) or =1/0
3. Press Return/Enter

A detailed error message starting with #ERROR( should appear in the cell.


1. Create a new Integer List attribute called "il"
2. Click on a cell
3. Enter "=ILIST($f1,$f2,13)
4. Press Return/Enter

An error message complaining about a missing value for "f1" should appear.


1. Continue from AF6.1
2. Fill in valid numbers in for "f1" and "f2" on the same row where the error message is.

After filling in a number for "f1" the error message should be updated to now complain about a missing value for "f2". After also filling in "f2", the error message should disappear and the "il" cell should now display a list, the first two elements of which should be truncated values from the "f1" and "f2" columns.


1. Continue from AF6.3
2. Save the current session as "IListTest".
3. Exit Cytoscape
4. Restart Cytoscape and load the saved session.

You should see the same display in the attribute browser as before.


1. Install the GoogleChartFunctions plugin.
2. Load or create a network with at least one node.
3. Create a string attribute called "URL" and enter a call to one of the Google chart functions, e.g. "=GBARCHART(-1,1,$fl,"title")" if you have defined a Floating Point List attribute called "fl"
4. Save your session and exit Cytoscape.
5. Remove the GoogleChartFunctions plugin and restart Cytoscape.
6. Load your previously saved session file.

You should see an error message in the browser complaining about an unknown function.

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