RFC Name : Layout Improvement

Editor(s): Mike Smoot

Status: Open for Comment

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This RFC is meant to summarize and collect all ongoing layout improvement efforts and to provide a forum for new ideas.

Large Graph Layout

Cytoscape currently lacks the ability to layout graphs with large numbers of nodes and edges. Anything over 10,000 nodes and edges has the potential to become problematic. While speed if a concern, it appears the that more significant issue is memory consumption. Most layout algorithms simply allocate too much memory per graph object to function on normal workstations.

The initial goal of this effort should be the ability to layout a network with 100,000 nodes and edges in a small number of hours on an "average" workstation. Eventually, we would like to be able to increase this threshold by an order of magnitude.


Interactive Layout

MultiLevel Layout

See the MultilevelLayout page for details.

Biological Questions / Use Cases


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