RFC 23 : Import/Export File Handling

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Open for comment 2007/01/08

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The import/export file menus are beginning to look crowded and confusing. There are 3 options for importing attribute files, 2 for importing networks, 5 for exporting networks and 2 for exporting attributes. This can proliferate as plugins add options to the menus to export/import their specific file type.

To clean this up I have a few thoughts. From the user’s point of view it would make most sense to have all possible file types that cytoscape (inc plugins) can open autodetected the way sif/gml files are. This includes attribute/matrix files (though they should continue to have a separate menu option).

Biological Questions / Use Cases

Import/Export dialogs and classes for plugin writers that are simple to understand. Example is the Export Graphics option. User gets a drop down menu of all file types that can be exported after choosing to export. Similarly the menus could be:


Export network/attributes could have a drop down like the graphics option does with “human readable” file types for the user to pick.


Import network could figure out the right file type via the extension (currently does this for sif/gml/xgmml), import attributes could ask the user when they choose the file what type it is (node/edge/matrix).

General Notes

This might be easiest with a general class “FileHandler” with much of the same functionality of “ImportHandler” but includes methods for getting generic readers and writers (for both attribute/network files). The file type clases (sif, gml etc) could continue inheriting from the handler.

A plugin should then just need to extend the FileHandler for it’s file type then extend the generic reader/writer and add them to the list.


Deferred Items

Open Issues

Import/export of files that involve their own dialog such as Excel. Auto-detecting file type for files that use the same extension such as xml files.

Backward Compatibility

Expected growth and plan for growth


Implementation Plan

  1. Add generic Reader class (similar to GraphReader)

  2. Add generic Writer class
  3. Add class FileHandler with most of the functionality of ImportHandler, add getReader() and getWriter() methods

  4. Refactor ImportHandler to inherit from FileHandler, add ExportHandler for similar export functionality

  5. Refactor all export classes to inherit FileHandler

  6. Add developer documentation encouraging plugin use of the Handler/Reader/Writer
  7. /Implementation Plan


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