It is useful to record notes for meetings, such as conference calls and face to face meetings. Ideally, we record decisions and action items so that we don't forget about them and then don't have the same discussion many times. Recording notes is easy.

  1. The note taker should be identified at the start of a meeting
  2. The note taker should record the following things:
    1. Participants
    2. Note taker
    3. Date
    4. Point form agenda
    5. Short notes for each agenda item
    6. Action items and decisions. Action items should be prefixed by "Action item:" and decisions should be prefixed by "Decision:" to help us search for these in long lists of minutes at a later date.
  3. Finished notes should be sent to the cytostaff mailing list and should be copied to the Cytostaff_Development/Conference_call_notes page on the wiki.

Here is a template that you can use if you find helpful:

Notes from Cytoscape teleconference of <insert date>

Note taker:

<actual notes>
Action item:

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