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DocBook is an XML format derived from an SGML format that is used for (surprise, surprise) documentation books. It was (I believe) originally developed by O'Reilly to ease the creation and formatting efforts for their technical documentation books. DocBook is an extremely rich, and therefore rather complicated, format. However, it's richness allows it to be effectively applied to many different documentation tasks. The fundamental insight of DocBook is that it separates the content of the document from its presentation. This means that you first edit the content of the document and then transform it into something presentable to an end user. Because these two steps are separate, the tasks of writing of a document and designing a document can be distributed to those with particular skill or knowledge suitable to the task.

Some DocBook Features


DocBook currently lacks a good ../DocBook_GUI_editor something that we require so that non-technical users require.

Write your own DocBook

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