Instructions for sending an announcement to the Cytoscape community. You generally want to do this if you have a new plugin to report, want to advertise the Cytoscape retreat or a new Cytoscape release.

Announcements are sent to the cytoscape-announce Google group. This list is moderated by a number of Cytoscape team members. Any message sent to this list, after moderation, will be forwarded to hundreds of Cytoscape users and will automatically appear on the homepage after a short delay.

  1. Send a message to The message should be written concisely. A good subject is of the form "Announcing ...". The main points of the announcement should be in the first few sentences because only these will be displayed on A good example is:

    Subject: Announcing PhenotypeGenetics 2.0
    This Cytoscape 2.1 plug-in constructs genetic-interaction networks
    from large sets of phenotype measurements (continuous or discrete)
    from cells with single and pairwise genetic perturbations. Network
    derivation is generalized and fully computable. It also implements
    network-analysis methods to find local and global interaction patterns
    reflecting the effects of gene perturbations on biological processes
    and pathways.
    Released by: Galitski Lab at the Institute for Systems Biology
    Please see:
    for downloading and tutorial information.
    For more details, see publication:
    Becky L Drees, Vesteinn Thorsson, Gregory W Carter, Alexander W Rives,
    Marisa Z Raymond, Iliana Avila-Campillo, Paul Shannon and Timothy
    Galitski (2005). Derivation of genetic networks from quantitative
    phenotype data. Genome Biology. 6:R38.
  2. A message will be sent to all list moderators asking them to approve the message. This might take a little while, depending on how busy the moderators are.
  3. Once the moderator approves, the message will be sent to all list members and will appear on The 3 most recent announcements automatically appear on


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