Ideally, the Cytoscape wiki could be used for collaborative document editing to support specific Cytoscape tasks, like adding a new feature or refactoring an API. A number of people have found the following wiki page style useful for this purpose.

Steps to create a page for comment

  1. Create a page for comment
  2. Where you would like comments, add a wiki 'subpage'. This is done by putting a '/' in front the link to the comment page. In MoinMoin wiki, this allows the subpage to be a child of the parent page, which eases navigation. For instance, a link to the parent will appear at the top of the subpage. e.g. /ExampleCommentPage

  3. Ask people who wish to comment to put comments on the appropriate subpage or create a subpage if no appropriate subpage exists. The following text might be useful:

    How to Comment: To view/add comments, click on any of 'Comment' links below. By adding your ideas to the Wiki directly, we can more easily organize everyone's ideas, and keep clear records. Be sure to include today's date and your name for each comment.

  4. Ask people who wish to comment to put their wiki name and the date before their comment e.g. /ExampleCommentPage

An example of this process is the RFC_1 page that EthanCerami initiated.

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