Set up MoinMoin on Weblogic

Although this setup is tested and verified on Weblogic server 8.1 on Windows, it should be easily duplicated for other Weblogic versions on other platforms such as Unix. You will do the following to enable MoinMoin on Weblogic server:

  1. Download and install win32con module if you don't have that yet
  2. Follow the steps outlined in HelpOnInstalling/BasicInstallation

  3. Enable CGI servlet in Weblogic
  4. Add wiki webapp for shared wiki resources
  5. Add mywiki webapp
  6. Fix application context issue

config.xml for step 4 and step 5

    <Application Deployed="true" Name="wiki"
        Path="d:\Python23\share\moin" StagedTargets="YourServer" TwoPhase="false">
        <WebAppComponent Name="wiki" Targets="YourServer" URI="htdocs"/>
    <Application Deployed="true" Name="mywiki" Path=".\applications"
        StagingMode="nostage" TwoPhase="true">
        <WebAppComponent Name="mywiki" Targets="YourServer" URI="mywiki"/>

web.xml for step 5



fix for application context issue

In the file moin.cgi there is a line reading request = RequestCGI(). You have to add properties = {'script_name': "/mywiki" + os.environ['SCRIPT_NAME']}  in the parenthesis. This will let MoinMoin generate correct URLs.

You shall be able to access your MoinMoin front page at http://localhost/mywiki/cgi/moin.cgi after you have completed the setup steps above

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