Cytoscape 3.0 Functional and Acceptance Testing


Which selection of tools should we use to accomplish this goal.


JUnit Only

We could simply use the JUnit framework and express our specifications as a suite of tests. We can use tools like the fest toolkit to execute GUI widgets.


JBehave is a Behavior Driven Development framework that allows test cases (a.k.a. "stories") to be written in English text, which are then mapped onto JUnit-like test cases.


JDave is another BDD framework that uses a "fluent" Java API for expressing test cases. You might see code like this: specify(stack,;.


BDoc is another BDD framework that rather than focusing on a fluent or readable specification, focuses on producing prose report that describes in English sentences the behavior that passed or failed. This works by translating long method names like aLoadedNetworkProducesANetworkVisualization() into sentences like "A loaded network produces a network visualization" in the report.


easyb is yet another BDD framework. This framework combines English sentences with snippets of Groovy code to define a specification and set of tests.

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