Current state of DanielAbel's GSoC project.

Progress can also be tracked on the blog. Or not. apparently I am not a blogging type of guy.

For detailed description, etc., see the original project proposal at DanielAbel/GoogleSummerofCode2008.

The edge-directionality part of the project is ready (in the sense that I consider it finished, but it still needs review and maybe modification). See DanielAbel/EdgeDirectionality for details

My ideas and plans about supporting pluggable (node, edge) renderers are at DanielAbel/PluggableRenderers.

svn branches

I will create feature branches in svn+ssh://

in-development branches will be in dev/ while review-ready ones in review/

currently I have only one branch, for the edge directionality feature at:


TODO list

next steps to do:


Implementation Plan

Contact Info

Personal Schedules

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