App Manager Test Plan

1. Initial install of core apps (empty CytoscapeConfiguration)

2. Update core app

3. Uninstall core app update

4. Install bundle app by App Manager

5. Update bundle app

6. Uninstall bundle app

7. Install bundle app by copy

8. Uninstall bundle app by delete

9. Install bundle app via App Store

10. Disable App in App Manager

11. Enable App in App Manager

12. Install simple app

13. Update simple app

14. Disable Simple App

15. Enable Simple app

16. Uninstall Simple app

17. Install multiple versions

18. Copy older and then newer version

19. Copy newer and then older version

20. Upgrade app from App Store

21. Rebuild based on symbolic link

22. Incompatible bundle app

23. Incompatible simple app

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