Submit an update


You've released an app to the App Store. It's so amazing that you get lavishly praised and strident detractions. But you found some bugs in your app and added some new features. You want to release an update to your app. Here we describe how to release an update to your app.


  1. Make sure the app version has been updated to reflect your new version. You will not be able to submit an app jar with an existing version.
  2. Go to your app page. Make sure you're signed in.
  3. In the Editor Actions button on the top-right, click on it and choose Submit a 3.0 app release.

  4. Follow the submission process steps. Once you've submitted your new app version, it will become immediately available. New releases do not need approval by App Store administrators.
  5. After submitting, you'll be moved to your app page's editor. Click on the Releases tab. There you can enter notes about your release. Click Save when you're done.

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