Submit Your App to the App Store


This step will describe how to submit your Cytoscape App to the Cytoscape App Store. By putting your app on the App Store, it will become instantly available


Submit your app

Promote your app

This will probably be your first time submitting an app. As a first-time submission, App Store administrators will need to approve your app first. After approval, you will receive an email with a link to your new app page.

Go to your app page. Make sure you're signed in first.


You should see the Editor Actions button on the top right. Click on it, then choose Edit this page.


{i} If you don't see the Editor Actions button, contact the App Store administrators by clicking the Contact us link at the bottom of the web site.

You're now in the app page editor. Make sure to fill out the following:

  1. An icon

  2. A short description of what your app does

  3. Add categories that are appropriate for your app

  4. Add screenshots that show off your app

  5. Fill in details that go into the specifics of your app

  6. Add author information

  7. Fill in links in the resources section.

    • Here you can add links to your app's website, tutorial, or source code repository.
    • After publishing an article about your app, you can add the article's PubMed ID.

    • You can add a link to your app's license. Here's a list of common open source licenses. We recommend LGPL, which is what Cytoscape uses.


{i} By filling in all the information above, it'll be easier for users to find your app based on categories and text search. Moreover, users would recognize your app based on the icon you give it and its description.

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