Publish your app


You have developed your app, tested it and announced it to the user community. Now its time to write a paper about your app. This step will provide some ideas and resources for publishing your app in a peer-reviewed journal.


Where to publish

While there may be additional avenues for publishing Cytoscape app articles, there are two that stand out as the best fit for app articles:


The F1000Research Cytoscape App Collection was first published in July 2014, and is intended to serve as a resource to both researchers and app developers. It is a tailored publication hub for new and updated Cytoscape apps and serves as a resource to help researchers find out more about relevant Cytoscape apps and to provide app developers with useful implementation tips. The collection will grow over time as new Cytoscape apps are developed and published. All Cytoscape apps published in this collection are free and open source.

Here is an example of a Cytoscape app published in this collection: WikiPathways App for Cytoscape: Making biological pathways amenable to network analysis and visualization.

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