Introduction to Cytoscape App Development


This step is designed to introduce you to Cytoscape App Development concepts and technology, and to write a series of tutorial apps. This is a BIG step!


You are not alone! We have setup a dedicated Google group just for you (and other Cytoscape app developers). Join the cytoscape-app-dev list today. Search and post questions about the Cytoscape API, app development tips, etc. This is also the channel by which the core development team of Cytoscape will communicate with you about changes and opportunities around app development.


We have prepared a series of slides that walkthrough all you need to know to write and fully understand the inner workings of some basic Cytoscape apps. If you've followed the Ladder up to this point, you can skip ahead to slide 13 which begins with the concepts behind the first tutorial app you'll be writing, Step 1. You can start your tutorial app project with the files in the project-template folder in your forked cytoscape-samples repo.

Proceed to learn additional concepts and the implement them in each of Steps 2-6, incrementally making a more and more complex app. The slides conclude with an API Tour and some final tips. These are the same slides we use in our live app development training workshops!

{i} Note: Some of the cytoscape-samples exemplify aspects of specific tutorial steps (though not exactly the same). You might refer to these if you get stuck:

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