Install Apache Maven


Maven is the build tool that Cytoscape 3 project uses to build the Cytoscape application. To develop Cytoscape apps, developers should install Maven on their computer if it is not already installed.

Maven can be downloaded from this page Make sure you download Maven version 3.0 or higher.



Follow the above download link to download the ZIP file, ''.

* unzip the zip file, put it somewhere you like * put the Maven 'bin' directory in your Path. Open Explorer, right click Computer, choose Properties --> Advanced System Settings --> Environment Variables. Edit the path variable, and add the path to maven bin directory there.

Open a command prompt and type the command "mvn -v" - you should get the version number of Maven.


Maven may already been installed with your system. To check if Maven has been installed, open a Terminal and type the command "mvn -v". If this shows that Apache Maven version 3.0 or higher is installed, you're good to go. If not, you can download it from the above download link. The file you should download is apache-maven-x.x.x-bin.tar.gz.

After you get the file, open a terminal and type the following command

After all the files are extracted, you will find the executable mvn in the bin directory. Add this directory to your PATH (in .profile and/or .bashrc in your home directory).


To keep your maven version up-to-date, you can use Homebrew instead of pre-installed version.

* Install

    brew install maven

* Update

    brew update
    brew upgrade maven


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