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1. Start Cytoscape
2. Import a network file (eg. galFiltered.sif)
3. Click on Select from the toolbar


1. Click and drag over a portion of the graph
2. Choose Edges → Invert edge selection

The edges that were selected should be deselected and the edges that were not initially selected should be highlighted


1. Repeat step 1 from S3.1
2. Choose Edges → Hide edge selection

The selected edges should now be invisible


Choose Edges → Show all edges

The edges that were hidden in S3.3 should now be visible with all the other edges in the network


Choose Edges → Select all edges

All the edges in the network should be selected


Choose Edges → Deselect all edges

All the edges in the network should be deselected and not highlighted


1. Hold shift and click on 5 nodes
2. Choose Edges → Select adjacent edges

All the edges connected to these nodes should be selected


1. Select an edge
2. Hold Ctrl (or command) and click on a point on the edge
3. Repeat step 2 further up the edge
4. Click on the edge and drag it into a zig-zag
5. Choose Edges → Smooth selected edges

The edge should change from a zig-zag to a smooth curve


1. Select the curved edge created in S3.7
2. Choose Edge → Straighten selected edge

The curved edge should now be a straight zig-zag again

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