Presenter: Chris Sander, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA

Title: Mondrian - a Genome Data Mapper for Cytoscape


Mondrian, the Genome Data Mapper Software, is a Cytoscape plugin that enables researchers to visualize complex multi-dimensional genomic profiling data in the context of signaling pathways. 

Gene expression, copy number, epigenetic or mutation data, can be mapped onto nodes in a network, organized by sample, data type or gene and, in parallel, viewed as heat maps.

The software enables the visual assessment of correlation between molecular events in individual samples or in groups of samples, the identification of active or inactive processes (subpathways), as well as exploration of the functional implications of molecular alteration in pathway context. 

Genomic data can be supplied in an extended version of the standard Cytoscape data format or retrieved directly from our Cancer Genomics database.




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