Presenter: Barbara Mirel and Terry Weymouth, University of Michigan, USA

National Center for Integrative Biomedical Informatics, University of Michigan

Title: Support for Multi-Dimensional Information Through Perceptual Encoding: Next Steps


The purpose of this talk is to start a discussion aimed at re-examining Cytoscape?s architecture for information sharing especially as it affects active views of networks and data. Based on an NCIBI over-time field study of more than 15 biomedical researchers using Cytoscape with the MiMI plug-in, findings show that in exploring relationships of interest scientists need to bring in many dimensions at once. Effective means for viewing multiple dimensions without a user being distracted from analysis involve rapid and coupled information encoding: color-coding and other perceptual encoding techniques. We will illustrate such visual techniques and discuss architectural choices that could enhance their use in Cytoscape plugins. With the impending transition to OSGI, this is an excellent opportunity to start such an architectural discussion.

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