CySession.xml is the file to save current states of Cytoscape session. The following information will be stored in the XML document:

  1. List of networks opened in current session.
  2. States of Cytopanels 1~3.
  3. Network Tree structure (shown in Network Panel in CytoPanel 1).

  4. Session ID
  5. Annotation (node/memo) for the session
  6. Selected/Hidden nodes and edges
  7. Plugin state (This topic should be dicussed with plugin writers)

Plugin State

7 is more complicated than others. First of all, we need to create new signals called "SESSION_SAVE" and "SESSION_LOAD" to tell plugins that session save/load command is executed. To simplify this process, we may need a standard for plugin state saving mechanism. One possible solution is:

In any case, plugin writers are responsible to create readers/writers for their plugin state/data files. One standard they must follow is make method to catch signal generated by save/load session classes.


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