MikeSmoot - Does this proposal replace the previous Grouping API? Am I correct in thinking that this API implies that we can remove the concept of metanode from GINY? Some specific comments/questions about the API:

IlianaAvila 4-3-06:

ScooterMorris 4-5-06: This looks like a nice clean interface. I have a couple of convenience functions that I think would help.

ScooterMorris 4-7-06: I really like the new methods you added to the API! I can immediately see how I could use them to add functionality to the UI (like open this metanode in a new view). Excellent! Once we have the XGMML reader/writer stuff worked out, this is going to be very useful.

GaryBader - Apr.14.2006 Looks great Iliana - I had some questions:

IlianaAvila - April 20, 2006

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